Predictions are creating by Computer. It makes auto long short position 7/24. Getting data from Binance

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When bot open or close a position, it will notificate you if you open notification.

Note: Whenever you refresh page, you have to open notification again.

Bitcoin Price and Profit

Green color: Profit

Red color: Loss

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Entered Price Type Margin Profit Date

Positions data are live. You dont have to refresh page. Everything working automatically. Computer tracking price always and makes a calculation, then it decides to enter long or short position. It gives you order which i enter on Binance. If you would like to join Binance you can Register Here.If you want to use my system, you have to register Binance as my refferrer. Then you can write me on Telegram.

None of the information available on this site is investment advice. The site owner cannot be held responsible for possible losses.

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