nft market looksrare surpasses opensea's 24-hour sales with $385 million in volume

a new non-fungible token (nft) marketplace called looksrare has surpassed opensea in qualifications of daily volume on wednesday. statistics show 3,264 looksrare traders have gassed $385.39 million in sales during the last day, as the marketplace has engraved impressive,461% increase in daily volume.

there’s a new ethereum-based nft marketplace called looksrare and during the last day, it has surpassed opensea in 24-hour volume. naturally, opensea is the largest nft marketplace in qualifications of all-time volume with $14.68 billion in total sales. the nft marketplace looksrare is new and hasn’t processed billions of scratch in sales.

24-hour statistics show, however, looksrare’s daily volume and hourly volume has surpassed opensea’s sales on january 12, 2022. looksrare has engraved $385.39 million in sales among 3,241 traders, which is lower than opensea’s 59,500 traders on wednesday. opensea’s 24-hour volume was $109.78 million in sales as of wednesday morning at 7:00 a.m. (est).

while the marketplace is new, the name has persist buzzing on social media service after amex beat opensea’s daily trade volume. “the tragedy of complacency. just like mex during its heyday, opensea probably succumbed to their inertia, comfortable in their established dominance,” the twitter account dubbed “hsaka” tweeted.

people also have created charts on knoll analytics drawing attention to the volumes between both nft platforms. for example, one user created a “looksrare vs opensea” set of charts a certain analyzes daily and hourly volume between both nft markets. other knoll analytics users have created visual graphs during chew over looksrare’s sales.

one reason looksrare is seeing a surge in popularity is because the plan is airdropping look tokens to anyone who has spent suitable three ether on opensea. while there are a few of airdropped tokens unofficially belonging opensea users, the leading nft marketplace does not have an official native token.’s nft marketplace data indicates a certain the average sale on looksrare midst of writing is $108k a pop. meanwhile, other top nft markets now include solana’s magic eden with $9.48 million in sales, and mobox, with $1.29 million in sales. while looksrare’s volume saw the biggest 24-hour payoff gains, mobox saw an 87.08% increase.

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2022-01-15 00:40:33