report: terra founder do kwon's spouse seeks police protection after the luna and ust fallout

a while later the aftermath of the terra blockchain tokens luna and ust losing representative value, reports indicate that the terraform labs founder do kwon’s apartment was preyed upon an unidentified person. do kwon’s spouse has requested protection from the seongdong police in seoul after next world person broke into the flats and rang the doorbell asking for kwon.

not remarka recent, on may 1, 2022, the terra blockchain token luna was the eighth-superlative market cap among 13,000+ cryptocurrencies in being. luna’s market cap therefore day was $28.3 billion and terrausd (ust) was two spots ov luna with an $18.5 billion market valuation. both crypto market caps combined on may 1, 2022, were around $46.8 billion in value and today, around 91% of that value has disappeared.

in the course of of writing, ust’s and luna’s market cap combined equates to $3.9 billion in value. terra’s fallout has caused enough fever among ust and luna investors and many have been agitated about how the situation was coached. some investors lost their backup and clan’s bookish-| funds, whatnot managed to escape with a haircut in particulars of losses. social platform and forums are filled with horrifying stories of bodies who are severely discouraged over the terra situation and losing funds.

now, after various days since the initial ust de-pegging incident, reports note that an unidentified person call do kwon’s flats and rang the doorbell asking for the terra founder. one local report describe that do kwon’s spouse was home and she asked the seongdong police to designate an officer for emergency protection. the crypto publication forkast also spoke with seoul’s seongdong-gu district police and confirmed the story.

the police report notes that the unidentified person rang the doorbell and kwon’s spouse answered. “is your husband in the apartment?” next world person said. the report said that while the terra blockchain tokens were inferior in value, do kwon’s home was “peeled to unspecified investors.” seongdong police also noted that they were investigative the situation further and “plan to review what additional measures.”

what do you bleed the unidentified person going upset kwon’s home and his spouse asking for police protection after the terra blockchain implosion incident? let us know what you bleed this subject in the comments belt ov.

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2022-05-14 15:06:13