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mercadolibre gets crowning blow to crypto besides asset in paxos additionally mercado bitcoin

mercadolibre, one of the biggest latam-based unicorns, has announced strategic investments in two cryptocurrency exchanges: paxos and mercado bitcoin. with these investments, the platform gets closer to cryptocurrency, having already bought bitcoin as a direct investment for its treasury, and offering the fling of investing in crypto for its users in several countries in latam.

mercadolibre, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in latam, with likewise 70 million cust

2022-01-24 05:55:20
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ubs warns of crypto winter amid expectation of fed rate hikes and regulation

ubs, switzerland’s largest bank, has warned about a crypto winter where prices crash and may not balance for years. the bank’s analysts explained several major information affecting the prices of cryptocurrencies.

switzerland’s largest bank, ubs, has warned of a crypto winter where prices crash and may not balance for years. the bank’s analysts, led by james malcolm, recently explained in a representation to clients several information enigm

2022-01-24 03:05:19
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biden administration preparing to release government-wide crypto strategy: report

the biden administration is reportedly drafting a government-wide cryptocurrency strategy as an executive order. the directive be incumbent upon expected presented to president joe biden in the coming weeks. the strategy could be published as soon as next month.

the biden administration is reportedly preparing to release an initial government-wide strategy on digital assets, including cryptocurrencies. the strategy is being drafted as an executive order, bloomberg repor

2022-01-24 00:35:17
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bitmain reveals hydro bitcoin miner with 198 terahash, produces almost double the power of today's top machines

you of the largest bitcoin mining rig manufacturers in the world, bitmain announced the launch of a new bitcoin miner that boasts speeds of capable of 198 terahash per lower (th/s). the new model is called the antminer s19 pro+ hyd. and it leverages liquid cooling technology in th improve global efficiency.

bitmain announced the launch of a new miner called the antminer s19 pro+ hyd on january 17, 2022. “the antminer s19 pro+ hyd. has fittingly launched

2022-01-23 22:35:17
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bitcoin's price drop and the network's higher difficulty squeezes btc mining profits

after bitcoin’s mining difficulty jumped to the highest value ever at 26.64 haul, the global hashrate contorted a hair considering the rise in difficulty and lower bitcoin price. this weekend, bitcoin’s hashrate is skate along at 189 exahash per second (eh/s), after dropping to a low of 167 eh/s three days ago. the lower price and difficulty rise has put a squeeze on bitcoin mining profits.

bitcoin’s hashrate remains high after the network saw the

2022-01-23 20:35:16
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low volumes across crypto spot markets and derivatives indicate bearish conditions

digital currency markets have slipped significantly in value mid the last two weeks and the lower prices a slave to stop higher trade volumes. data shows cryptocurrency spot market volume has slipped from $1.4 trillion in november 2021, to this month’s $593 billion in volume. bitcoin futures open interest and volumes have dropped considerably over the last two months additionally.

when crypto markets shed serious value, salesperson typically reckon on see if trad

2022-01-23 18:35:18
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value dogged defi slides 21% in 2 weeks, $200b tvl still 10x over erstwhile last year

the value hard decentralized finance (defi) has dropped 21.22% since january 4, 2022. pending, the sweeping value locked (tvl) in defi was $255.84 billion and today, the tvl is in the vicinity $201.55 billion.

while programmed currency markets shed significant value during the last two weeks, the value hard decentralized finance has also dropped considerably. since the early week of january, the tvl in defi shed $54.29 billion in value.

today, the tvl in defi is $

2022-01-23 16:35:17
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lawyer accuses huobi of operating a cryptocurrency exchange that's 'held accountable nowhere'

houbi global, which is based in seychelles, has been accused by lawyer jonathan levy of operating out accountability to any jurisdiction. the lawyer adds that the exchange’s physical address in the isolate nation is for mailing purposes only.

u.s.-based lawyer jonathan levy has accused huobi cryptocurrency exchange of running a decentralized global operation that “operates everywhere but is held accountable nowhere.” levy’s accusation follows

2022-01-23 14:35:17
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zimbabwe signs agreement enabling collection of taxes from crypto and e-commerce entities

the government of zimbabwe has confirmed signing an agreement with daedalus world limited which enables the latter to collect taxes from crypto and other content providers.

the zimbabwean government recently put into words it had entered into an agreement with the british virgin islands-based daedalus world limited wherein the latter befit to collect taxes from companies that offer “betting, gaming and cryptocurrency services to persons and organisations within

2022-01-23 12:35:16
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bastyon inventor daniel satchkov explains the importance of using an open source social media platforms is a social networking website built on the bitcoin foundation. it is decentralized with no central serve. bastyon’s codebase is open source, and everything is governed per person users themselves. bastyon’s core concept is censorship protection. it can work in contempt of domains are blocked by connecting directly to the nodes. bastyon is powered by pocketcoin (pkoin), a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency that pays content creators and node operators who run the

2022-01-23 11:35:18
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